Relocation of general welding workshop

2021-04-01 14:00:34

    At 1 pm on March 2, 2021, the leaders of our company held a special meeting on the relocation of the general welding workshop.The discussion results of the meeting were as follows:

          (1) Winding workshop is moved to the large fluc core welding wire workshop;

          (2)Flux cored powder is moved to the winding workshop;

          (3)Drawing and cutting workshop moves to the core powder distribution place;

          (4)Powder coating workshop moves to the warehouse in the first floor.

    The advantage of the solution is that it solves the problem of noise pollution and is optimized to the greatest extent on the existing basis. And the use of venue is more resonable.

    It is expected that the relocation will be completed before the end of June this year.


   On March 6, our company first relocated the flux core welding wire worshop. The leaders and workers worked together, and the work was full of swing. The winding workshop was completely 

relocated to the large fulx core welding wire worshop, and the first phase of relocation work was successfully completed.




    In the future, our company will recycle the rented warehouse, and move the warehouse on the first floor of the flux core welding wire to the second stage of relocation, striving to complete all the work

before the scheduled time.

It covers an area of 6,000㎡, including 20,000㎡ of construction area.The out-put per year is above 10,000 tons. 
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